Switching to Hugo

Switching to hugo

This blog’s been a wordpress install since it came into being. The choice of wordpress was simple - I didn’t want to fall into the trap of writing my own blog platform before I could start writing. In some ways, it was a good choice - I’ve written a few posts over the years, and I noticeably haven’t written a blog platform.

The world has changed though - a whole host of superior static site generators now exist, and working with wordpress has put me off writing further material here.

Moving to hugo

There are several tutorials and tools on the internet for doing this. None of them work for the ancient wordpress install and server digihippo.net was previously hosted on, so I needed to improvise. I started to write a python script to scrape all of the previous posts, but then suddenly wondered “Isn’t chatGPT supposed to be good at this?”. Reader, it very much is - five minutes later I had a python scraper that not only captured each post’s content as html, but converted it to markdown and downloaded any relevant images.